Feb 25, 2011

Playing punches

↑The building over there has stand more than 30 years.
I think it is the most beautiful school in my county.
It used to contain the classrooms of students, but now,
it contains the restautants for all the members
of the whole school to eat their lunch.
↓Our teacher let us play her punches today.
There are 
Border (edger) Punches
and Medium Punches we played.
Each of us could use one of each different kind of punches.
you see the punches were on the desk.
we can exchange the punches
with each other after a while . 

↑Look! All of us paid all attention to our creation.

↓Here is our works. 

(Teacher said: I usually offer one image to students
at a time.  ..^____^..)
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